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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


                                                KRAÜTERGARTEN (Herbal Garden)
Monday, Nov.7th, I begin Intensive German classes, alas.  I say that with foreboding because of all of the horror stories I hear from expats about their forays into German language and culture.  But, not to be daunted, I will venture forth in my blissful ignorance of the myriad errors I will likely commit and do my best to become educated.  My classes are every weekday from 9 am until 12:30 pm.  Just enough time to rattle this old brain and challenge it's ability to still learn a new language.  (Most of the Mandarin I have learned has disappeared and is only used in Chinese restaurants.  I hope our lengthy years of living in Deutschland will imprint this language on my psyche so that I will not have it disappear as my Mandarin has.)

I am looking forward to being able to  speak without pantomime communicate effectively with German speakers while also learning how to read in my (fourth?) language.  I don't feel you can truly assimilate into a new culture without being able to speak and read the language.  Only then will I feel a part of this country and not just a bystander.  Also, I will learn the correct spelling, pronunciation, and names for the things I know have to "Americanize" for my family and friends to understand.

Wish me luck on this new adventure and cross your fingers that I will be able to pass the test that will allow me to travel overseas and guarantee that I will be able to re-enter Germany.  The necessity of this validation is what has spurred me on to this quest, but now that it is imminent,I am looking forward to seeing how I do.  

I will update you and share with you what will certainly be a difficult, yet rewarding, challenge.


Joyce said...

Good luck! I think its good to get the wheels turning in our heads with a new challenge every now and then.

I will email you the cranberry bread recipe but it may take a few days...the calendar is jam packed this week.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Good luck....I think since you have already learn so many other languages this one will be a breeze. My lesson in German by my private teacher proved other....but I never mastered any other language but English.

May said...

I began the intensive course in May. One more month to completion. Since mornings are spent at school and the afternoons with all the household chores and helping the kids with their school work, I have not really spent time studying at home. Next month are the B1 tests and I think I will not be able to make it. Writing and reading are not the tough part, but speaking is so hard(for me). I am forever thinking whether the grammar is right!!!

May said...

All the very best on your classes!!!!

Expats Again said...

May, best of luck to you too.

Conny said...

Well, then, I wish you ALLES GUTE on your new course!!!! I have taught High School German I & II and I must say I think I learned more than my students! German grammar is a killer - I prefer the vocabulary - and the cultural part!!

Betty said...

Das ist ja toll! Ich bin ja gespannt wie du nachher sprechen und lesen kannst. Ich bin sehr schwerlernig mit neue Sprachen und kann ja auch nur Deutsch, weil ich damit aufgewachsen bin.
Alles Gute für den Intensivkurs!!

Jill said...

Hi! Good luck with the German. I hope to take clases at the Uni here soon. I can understand, but making it come out is another story!!