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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We've returned from our week in Sardinia and we're both sporting a lovely tan and the smiles haven't left our faces yet.  This vacation was meant to be all about sun, surf, and sand and it did not disappoint.  We have not had such a relaxing vacation in years and it was just what we needed.  No appointments, no agendas, and no deadlines.  We woke when we felt like it, beached when we wanted to, and stayed until the sun went down.  The temperatures were in the high 80's each day and a gentle breeze off the Mediterranean allowed us to bask in the sun as long as we wished.  A better week we could not have picked.

Our trip began when we drove from Munich, Germany to the port city of Genoa, Italy.  We spent the night in Genoa and took the ferry to Sardinia the following night.  The photo above is Christopher Columbus' house (on the right of the towers).  He was born in Genoa and they take great pride in his accomplishments.

The ferry took our car and we spent the night in a cabin.  The ferry was actually a cruise ship with four dining rooms, two large bars. a play room, a movie theater, and a pool!  We arrived in Sardina 10 hours later at 7:30 am rested, showered and fed and then got in our car and drove out of the ferry into the town of Olbia.

Our hotel was in Esmerelda, Cale de Volpe; a section of Sardinia where all of the beaches are.  You can see the hotels begin on the left top of the photo.

The beach was just behind our hotel and as you can see it was a beautiful shade of aquamarine with a white sandy beach.  The water was so clear that you could see the bottom of white sand.   I believe the water and the air temperature were nearly the same.  It was refreshing without being a shock to your body when you entered the water.

Sardinia is known for it's red wines which the Italians call "black" wine.  Much has been written about the longevity of the Sardinian folk and they attribute their long life span to this wine. Must be the high anti-oxidents. We found it delicious.  The photo above of the grape arbor was taken near our hotel.  Vineyards are everywhere.

Because of it's many inlets, Sardinia is considered a favored spot for many who yacht.  At almost every turn along the coast you can see all sizes of boats or ships, but sailing in this part of the Mediterranean seems to be the most popular activity.

We are not sailors, but if we were, this would be a sailor's paradise for sure.  Plenty of places to set anchor or dock your boat with loads of cafes, restaurants and hotels nearby to set your sea legs.  Although, by the look of the watercraft in the harbors, I would venture to say that many of them have facilities on board to accommodate their needs.

However, if they are in the least bit short of bathing suits, towels or, I don't know, let's say champagne...Sardinia has shopping to equal any in any part of the world.

We are not shoppers on vacation and try to use our time to enjoy nature and relaxation.  But we are not opposed to enjoying the fruits of nature and we found  plenty of opportunity for that.

After all, isn't this what vacations are for?  We think so!


Joyce said...

Looks absolutley heavenly...did you see anyone famous? I hear the celebs love the Esmerelda Coast?

Michelle said...

Oh that all looks fantastic - glad you had a great birthday trip and you've sold it well with the description and nice photos.

Also thanks for the Liebster blog award - I was a bit slow in the last week of pregnancy and now with taking care of my little one to repost but appreciate it nevertheless.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Welcome home.....amazing pictures....looks absolutely gorgeous there.

Betty said...

Stunning! You are lucky to be able to visit so many gorgeous places.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, my goodness! Beautiful pictures, I'd love to visit there.

My Kid's Mom said...

Wonderful pictures - wonderful memories!