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Monday, May 23, 2011


The two grizzly cubs on the left are my grandchildren sharing their photo with the little ones on the right who just happened to want to be photographed as well.  The large sculpture is in Dundee, Michigan off I-75 in front of Cabella's Outdoor Store.  Since hubby and son #3 will soon be heading off to Peru to climb Machu Picchu, trekking poles were on our shopping list.

No, these are not my other grandchildren, but part of Cabella's amazing display of wildlife.  Aren't these two handsome?

Papa pointed out the varied animals who had been stuffed and mounted in the store display to our littlest granddaughter who was a bit awestruck with the life-size critters.

Parts of this nature exhibit are a bit violent and show the predatory nature of bobcats, wolves, and mountain lions.  Every little girl's fantasy, not.

Her older brother (by 11 months) however, was in his element. This child soaks up information about animals in any way he can.  His passion for the outdoors and his love of all of the world's animals is hard to imagine in someone so young.  I am so pleased that he is learning about his environment, how to protect species that are endangered, and how to take care of our planet.

It was a great Sunday afternoon with the kiddies as they got more acquainted with  the animals that inhabit their part of the country.  Although I doubt either child will grow up to be a hunter or fisherman, they surely enjoyed their visit to Cabella's and Papa got his trekking poles!


Formerly known as Frau said...

I've never been to Cabella's but when they came to Utah years ago it was all the rage! My sister and her hunting outdoors hubby go there and spend the day!!

Great shots!

April said...

That place reminds me a lot of our Bass Pro Shop here. Lots to see and take in! Looks like your grandkids had a blast!

Tammy Doane said...

love the pic!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

If you have time stop by my blog I gave you an award no pressure to pass on just wanted you to know!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Looks like fun :) I'm in Portland at the moment, but I'm at a conference so I haven't had chance to look around yet.