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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hodgepodge WEDNESDAY

It's Wednesday, Hodgepodge Wednesday!  To hook up, click the badge above and then give all 8 questions some thought while joining in the fun.  Hope to see you at Hodgepodge Wednesday.

1. April rolls in at the end of this week and in celebration of that infamous date (April 1st) answer this question-What is something foolish you've done?

You didn't necessarily say for "April Fools Day," because I can be foolish just about any day.  I am known for making comments that are very foolish. Once, in a traffic jam, I said to my son, who was driving, "Look on the bright side!  At least we're not alone."  Upon which he replied, "If we were alone, we wouldn't be sitting here going nowhere."  Yeah, I'm famous for it.  

He also told me about a plane crash over Siberia one day and I exclaimed, "Oh, what a terrible place to crash!"  Yeah, you guessed it.  He retorted, "Ok mom, where is a good place to crash?"

2. With April comes Easter and that classic edible treat known as Peeps...so tell me...what's your favorite way to fix/eat chicken? That wasn't what you were expecting, was it? I 'fooled' you. teehee.

Roasted Chicken.

3. What's the best museum you've ever visited? Or your favorite? Or the one you'd most like to visit?

One of my degrees happens to be a degree in Visual Arts and Art History. So, since art is one of my passions, along with travel, I have made it a point to visit some of the world's best museums in our many travels.  ( Joyce, you may regret asking this question. I could go on and on.)

 I have been fortunate enough to have seen the Louvre in Paris along with the Pompidou and Musee d'Orsay, also in Paris.  I have been wowed by the  Albertina in Vienna, and the Tate and the National Gallery in London. The MOMA, the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim in NYC have captured my heart many times.  

Since living here in Munich, the Alte Pinokotek, the Neue Pinokotek, the Moderne Pinokotek are regular haunts for me and are each exquisite in their own right. 

The Uffizi in Florence, the Borghese in Rome, the National Museum of Melbourne in Australia ( along with an Aboriginal museum outside of Sydney) are all museums that house priceless objects and paintings.  The Toledo Museum of Art, the Detroit Insitute of Art, the Chicago Institute of Art standout most in my mind in the U.S.    While in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh must not be missed and in Bali,  the village of Ubud with it's many galleries and local artists is spectacular to see .  

There are many other outstanding museums that I have made a point to visit, but, if I could only pick one museum as a favorite, it would be the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. In my opinion, every American should go, at least once in their lifetime, if it is within their means.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

4. You know what they say about April showers...what's your preference-a shower or a bath?


5. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...fact or fiction? Why?

This was my mother's favorite saying when she tried to limit my dating experiences in high school.  As a result, I grew to dislike this quote very much.  

For most of the early years of our marriage, my husband had a global position for business and all I can say is that I missed him very much each and every time he left.  His trips were two to three weeks in length, *sigh*.

Having said this, his return was a new beginning each time.  We celebrated and rekindled our romance with every reunion.  So, I guess mom was right after all!

6. What's your favorite product made/grown in your home state/province?

My hometown, Toledo, Ohio, is mostly known for Jeeps and Toledo Scales.  Tony Packo Hungarian Hot Dogs and Pickles are favorite food products, but they are not my favorite.  I stand by a local product called Garlic Expressions, a garlic infused oil used for salads, etc.,  which I hear is now being distributed nationally.

Here in Munich, you would have to go long and far to beat a Mercedes, a Helles (Beer) or a Brezen (German Pretzel).

7. What is going on in the world today that affects you the most?

The push to eliminate unions--frightening, it is.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

If I were Moammar Gadahfi, I would disappear fast.  His days are truly numbered.


Maribeth said...

A friend of mine is also from Toledo and she made sure that we had Tony Packo Hungarian Hot-dogs! Yum!

April said...

I would love to visit Munich one day...my husband tells me it's gorgeous there! My husband travels frequently with his job and I definitely do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, I do have days when I really enjoy having the remote all to myself! ;)

Thena said...

Germany sounds beautiful. Thanks for dropping by.

LynnMarie said...

Wow you have been to a lot of museums! How nice. Love your sense of humor too.

Joyce said...

I struggled with the museum question as well. In the end I chose some in my favorite city : )

Your 'foolish' questions and statements could have come out of my mouth...my kids would agree!

Tammy Doane said...

Love your answer to #1. I would love to go to Paris-I teach World Geography (along with other subjects) and all I have are pictures to share-nothing to mention about life experiences. What is a German Pretzel-like American?

Expats Again said...

Maribeth, Tony Packo hotdogs became a hit when Corporal Klinger, on the hit series *MASH* (who actually does hail from Toledo) would say he missed them.
April, I would wholeheartedly agree with your husband. Munich is beautiful--just like out of the fairytale books. And I hear you about missing your husband on frequent business trips!
Lynn Marie, glad you like my humor. I try to see the funny side of things--if there is one.
Thena, you are welcome. I will visit often.
Joyce, I was certain you had visited as many museums as I have. Why do we moms say these foolish things? I hate giving my sons ammunition!
Tammy, I taught too. Perhaps you could sponsor an overseas trip one summer? Usually the chaperone goes for free or a reduced price. There are a lot of good travel groups out there. A German pretzel is a large pretzel that is baked. It is soft on the inside and harder on the outside and is sprinkled with Kosher salt. German bakeries, which are everywhere here in Germany, bake them fresh daily. To die for.

Michelle said...

I love pretzels, especially soft ones.
I wonder what a German Pretzel tastes like.

Betty said...

Hello! Thanks for your visit at my blog.
I like getting to know new blogs, especially since you live in Germany and I´m German descent. Do you speak German too?
I will be back to read more. I enjoyed your WH today.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the Mercedes...my mom had a Mercedes convertible of some sort when I was growing up, and we loved that car. Its engine purred like a satisfied kitty. Sigh...

Crea said...

I'm jealous of you for many reasons. I would love to visit Germany and wow, your museum experience is quite impressive. Your answers were great. Thanks for stopping by.

Crea said...

I would absolutely love to visit Germany and I find your experience with museums quite impressive. I loved reading your answers. Thanks for stopping over.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Enjoyed reading your answers. It always so interesting to see how everyone answers them. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Anonymous said...

Love your answer to #1! Sounds like me to a "T"!

Cathy said...

Wow! You've been to a lot of museums!

Expats Again said...

Michele, the German pretzels are very similar to the frozen ones you buy and bake, but taste much fresher. I'm addicted to them!
Betty, We love Germany and I bet you would too. Yes, I am taking German lessons but I expect there to be a big learning curve before I'm fluent. Vielen Danke!
Auburnchick, I would love to have a Mercedes (or even a BMW). They are everywhere here, but we settled for a Toyota. It's a diesel, so the motor sounds more like a lion's roar than a kitten's purr.
Crea, hopping around and viewing others' mimes is part of the fun. Glad to get to know you!
Debby, thank you for the good wishes and hope your week is spectacular!
Queen, Yea! There is another me!! I am so happy not to be alone in this foolishness.
Cathy, museums are my passion and fortunately with my husband's work, I have been able to see many. But I am happy to say that the Smithsonian, which many people put as their favorite, is right up there with the best!