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Saturday, March 6, 2010


At one time in my not too distant past, I worked summers at a very large department store (think of Chicago and Oprah and you'll guess which one), in the designer department.  What a hellish job it was.  Oh, I loved looking at all of the beautiful styles and fabrics and I thoroughly enjoyed having a part in selecting garments for my clients.  I just wasn't cut out to be a salesperson and try to convince someone to buy something that clearly didn't suit or fit them.  So, in the end, those ladies who made selling designer wear their full-time occupation were more than happy to crawl up over my back and hit their sales quotas in order to earn their commissions.  Me?  I had a full-time job as a teacher and only used this job in the summer to socialize and keep busy.  So, it was no surprise that after that summer, I never returned to hawk Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, or Michael Kors again.

I did learn one thing having that gig, most people wait for the sales to purchase these items and very few pay full price for designer fashion.  I guess that's why ebay, designer outlets, and second hand stores have flourished and the store where I worked is no longer a part of that mall.  It was good to see someone come in and find a perfectly fitting, flattering garment for 25-75% off.  I guess those who were really depending on those commissions to make ends meet dreaded the markdowns, but I took great pleasure in watching someone get a steal.  After all, it was the same garment that hung on the same rack the day before, but this day is was much more affordable.  It wasn't out of style, it wasn't damaged--it was time to bring in more merchandise and they needed the space.

 For years I have been haunted by one shopping experience I had many Christmas' ago.  I was laden down with heavy bags and packages in the middle of our local mall and sitting in the food court before me were four gentlemen at a table sipping cocktails.  They were laughing it up and having a grand old time. Just then, a personal shopper walked up to the group bringing them their purchases, all neatly wrapped in bright Christmas paper and bows.  Inside, I was seething! 

 "Hey, this isn't fair!  How come I have to do all of the legwork for my loved ones and you guys just sit their drinking martinis while someone else does the dirty work?"  I really didn't say this out loud, but if they could have read my thoughts they would have had an earful!
I promised myself that when I could afford it, I would have my own personal shopper. 

 But I have found something much more valuable.  Personal shopping assistance from my own home! 

Trying to shop with online retailers is a maddening experience.  Who has the time to search the web for the best deals?  If only I could give a personal shopper my preferences (sizes, styles, designers, etc.) perhaps they could go and do the "dirty work for me."  Guess what?  They can! 

 It's called Shop it to Me and they check all of the leading retailers for over 700 brands for brands, clothing, accessories, and sizes.  Then...and here's the best part, they send you a personalized e-male alert (Salemail) that features the latest markdowns and secret promotion codes.  Even better, you get to decide how often you want them to email you.

I can't think of a smarter way to shop! 

And to those fellas who thought they had it all figured out in the food court in the mall that Christmastime long ago--eat your hearts out!  I get to shop in my jammies!


PiNG aka Patti said...

Definitely interesting! I wish I could locate more online retailers in Denmark - or at least someone selling something other than what can be found in all the stores.

One thing I do love about DK though is that, no matter what time of year you buy something, if you let them know it's a gift, the store will wrap it for you!

honeypiehorse said...

Wow online personal shopping is really smart but how do you handle fit?

C said...

I, too, worked in the designer section of Marshall Fields, but in Milwaukee ... It was crazy to witness all those salesladies gushing over the few customers we had (the ones who could afford full price ran straight to, you guessed it, the personal shopper). What was even crazier, though, was when we went to the Carolinas and discovered that all the clothing that had been discontinued and reduced but still not sold had been sent there with full price price tags (3 seasons late!)

Expats Again said...

Ping aka Patti, What? Free gift wrapping any time of year! Now how civilized is that? (Hear that store managers?) I love it!

Honeypiehorse, fit is one of the ticks you make when you are selecting sizes for your "personalized" requirements; along with which brands you prefer and what kind of items you would like them to include. All tailored to you.

C- Arrrgh! Three seasons late?? OMG, that's amazing! I loved MF and I loved the beautiful clothing. The pushy store clerks? Not so much. You and I probably have lots of stories to tell, tee, hee.