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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is our first "Fasching" in Munich, but I hear that it is much closer to the Venetian Carnivale than to Germany's Cologne Fasching.  Today, Shrove Tuesday, has people all over the city in elaborate costumes.  Think Mardi Gras and you have an idea of what is happening here.  There are any number of festivities happening in the city building up to this evening which marks the end of the festivities.  Thousands will be in the Viktualienmarkt in the city centre to join with the market women singing and dancing among the fruit and vegetable stands.  Other places Munchener's can go to "party" are listed here:

Carnival calendar: Parties and balls at a glance

White festivals

  • Celebrate brewery in white in the Max Emanuel. Up 16.2.
Kölsch meets Munich

  • Cologne Carnival party in the Schranne Hall. 11.2 16.2.
Munich Carnival

  • In the Freiheiz Carnival party is every night. 11. 16.2.
Olympic desire

  • Student Carnival in the Olympiadorf. 11.2 15.2.
Rose Ball

  • For a good cause in the Bavarian the Ball court. 11.2.
Radio Arabella monstrous Carnival

  • Carnival party in the Hofbräukeller. 11.2.
Amazon Carnival Feringa

  • Party of the Feringa Carnival society. 11.2.
Chrysanthemum Ball

  • Wohltätigkeitsball of higher society. Bayerischer Hof 12.2.
Radio Balls

  • Omitted celebrate Carnival in Bavarian broadcasting. 12.2 15.2.
Damischer the Turmfalken Knights Ball

  • Ritterspiel and vibrant music in the Löwenbräukeller. 12.2.
Rock that swing Jamboree

  • The 1950s come back in the German Theatre. 12.2.
Ball of the Nations

Standardtanz world meets the German Theatre. 13.2.

Ball Waschermadl and Kammerkätzchen

  • Munich Redoute in the old Rathaussaal. 13.2.
Laim Carnival activities

  • Colourful Street Festival at the Laimer anger. 13.2.
Gong 96,3 conf-30 Carnival

  • The monthly accommodation-30-party in Carnival mood. 13.2.
Cult party Heath Volm

  • For 21 years: Celebrations with the spider Murphy gang. 13.2.
Carnival in Rio

  • The Brazilian Kostümball in the Bavarian court. 13.2.
Munich närrisch

  • Carnival activities in the city. 14. 16.2.
Bal Classique

  • Gala with romantic Waltz sounds, Deutsches Theater, 14.2.

Fiesta Latina

  • Hot Latin American Rythmen in the Bavarian court. 14.2.

  • Carnival procession in John churches. 14.2.
Lilalu - Carnival for children

  • Fideler children Carnival in theatre factory. 14.2.

Brazilian Rosenmontag in the BMW world

  • 40 Musicians and dancers, colorful costumes, a thrilling choreography and joie de vivre pure when the Brazilian Carnival at the 15.2. Admission free.
Pogo in Togo fun party

  • 80's annual Carnival party in the theatre tent Castle. 15.2.
Carnival in the Cosimawellenbad

  • Large party Rosenmontag and Shrove Tuesday in the Cosimawellenbad: a närrischer fun awaits visitors with live DJ, games and competitions. 15. 16.2.
Rosenmontags party Feringa

  • Party of Carnival society Feringa in Unterföhring. 15.2.
Rosenmontag in the Park Café

  • Funky Carnival celebrations in the Park Café. 15.2.
Rosenmontags cellar Carnival

  • Carnival party in the Bieder hotels residence hall. 15.2.
Rosenmontags dance

  • Masked dance in the media culture places Youth Center. 15.2.
Sixties Carnival party with the hot cookies

  • Time travel in the golden age in Rohrer & Brammer. 15.2.
Traditional medicine ball

  • Celebrations with style: A rustling Ballnacht in the Bavarian court. 15.2.
Dance of the Marktweiber

  • The highlight of Munich Carnival. 16.2.
Carnival Corso Leopold

Carnival Straßenfest on the Leopoldstraße. 16.2.

Carnival in the P1

  • Colorful Carnival party with confetti in the P1. 16.2.
Kehraus Feringa
  • The Feringa Carnival society season final. 16.2.
Kehraus Muffathalle

  • Party on Shrove Tuesday in the Muffatwerk. 16.2.
Kehraus and Prince burial

  • Midnight is finally Heath Volm Kehraus party. 16.2.
Children's Carnival in the P1

  • Funny Kinderfaschingssause in the P1. 16.2.
Queeres Carnival Straßenfest

  • Before the German oak Hotel celebrates the scene. 16.2.
Mad Carnival in the Park Café

  • Fun with Gerry & Gary in the Park Café. 16.2.

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